Want to Make a Reservation?

Follow steps below, or call us at 801-942-8761

Step 1

Review the calendar to make sure the dates and the suite you are interested in is available.

Step 2

Contact us: Fill out form below or call 801-942-8761

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Step 3

We will send you a reservation summary detailing check-in and check-out dates and times along with payment requirements.
We will also send a rental agreement for review and signature. (see sample agreements below)

Sample Agreements:

  1. Rental agreement Suite 213A/B
  2. Rental agreement Suite 213A
  3. Rental agreement Suite 213B

All payments are handled through Paypal, so your money is secure.

Step 4

Once we receive these documents with your signature, along with notification from Paypal that an initial payment has been made, we will lock-in your reservation.

Step 5

One week prior to check-in day, you will be asked to pay via PayPal a refundable security deposit which will cover any accidental damages. The security deposit is fully refunded at the end of your stay assuming no damages have occurred. Once this payment is made, we will provide a door access code for you to use during your stay.

Step 6

On the day of your arrival use your door access code, open the door and enjoy. YOU’RE HOME!